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Automate the impossible

Any is AI that communicates with your partners.

An API built on top of their customer support.

Cancel a flight booking

"on": "",
"do": "bookings.cancel",
"with": {
  "reservation_code": "IBUY2X",
  "last_name": "Loki"

Order pallets

"on": "",
"do": "orders.create",
"with": {
  "quantity": 400,
  "product": "EPAL Pallets",
  "address": "2 Sawmill Rd, Metaville, OR"

Ask for an invoice

"on": "",
"do": "invoices.get",
"with": {
  "billing_period": "2020-03"

A backoffice, minus the worries

A predictable per-request fee is your only cost

Superhuman turnaround

AI communicates with your partners faster than any human could

Multi-step conversations

Any sees things through to completion when replies come in

Run on a schedule

Automate weekly tasks with just a few clicks